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Set in Austria’s mountains, The Net: Prometheus centers on Georg Trotter (Tobias Moretti), a doctor and former doping agent who gave up his career after a tragic car accident badly injuring his wife Diana (Angel Coulby) and killing his beloved son. Known as a notorious doping hunter and “bloodhound”, Georg is offered the chance to run a new, hypermodern, high-performance clinic in the Alps. There, the staff is supposed to get injured football players back into shape in record time with high-tech training methods, and help young talent to become the best footballers in the world. They promote clean sports without illegal tricks; for Georg a job that seems to have been made for him. But soon, he has doubts: Is it really about the wel-being of the players and that of the sport? The closer Georg looks behind the fancy facade, the more secrets he uncovers, which not only point towards the future, but also into his own past.


Andreas Prochaska, Daniel Prochaska 


Red Bull Media House, ARD Degeto, Beta Film 

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